राष्ट्रीय बैंक स्टाफ महाविद्यालय

National Bank Staff College

Shaping Minds to Excel


S.No. Name of the Programme
1 Programme on NABARD Subsidiaries
2 Workshop on Capacity building on Credit Guarantee and related aspects
3 Programme on Infrstructure Financing (Grades D/E)
4 Programme on 'Digital Pedagogy' for Faculty Members of TEs of NABARD
5 Programme on Appraisal and Monitoring of Springshed Development Projects (on-site)
6 Basic Programme on appraisal and Monitoring of Agro Processing Clusters (APC) and WIF
7 Programme on Functioning of CACs at ROs/TEs - Training and Capacity Building
8 Programme on Special Refinance Products and GoI Subsidy Schemes
9 Programme for Finance for Non-Finance Executives
10 Programme on analysis of Financial Statements for Business Unit / Firms
11 Programme on Financial Appraisal of Projects